Get Station Live Status

Get live Station Status online using . live station service of indian railway is a service using which you can get the status of trains arriving or departing in next four houes. Here you can find train number, train name, delay in arrival / departure, schedule arrival / departure and estimated arrival / departure of the train at the station . keeps track of the updated trains at the station to help you better.

How to Check Station Status Live :

Check Station Status using website :

1. click here to check Live Station Status .
2. Enter station name or station code in the field provided.
3. Select your station from the suggestions available.
4. Click on Get Live Station Status.
5. Live Station Status is diaplayed.

Check Station Status using mobile :

1. click here for Live Station Status app.
2. Download the application.
3. click on the Menu -> Live Station Status.
4. Enter station name or station code in the field provided.
5. Click on Get Live Station Status.
6. Live Station Status is diaplayed.

download android app -

You Can get:

1. Train Number.
2. Train Name.
3. Delay in train arrival and departure.
4. Scheduled Arrival and Departure of the train.
5. Estimated Arrival and Departure of the train.

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